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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is so special about the LT Sport Xtreme Flat Cover by Lazer Lite?

If you compare features of various tonneau covers , you will find the LT Sport Cover beats every other tonneau cover available.

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What is the the LT Sport XTreme Flat tonneau cover by Lazer Lite?

This truck bed cover for pickups is a hard tonneau cover made out of aluminum (NOT fiberglass or plastic). It is constructed of 2 sheets of high-strength aluminum

This hard flat cover does does not wrap over the sides of your truck bed, it is designed to almost 'disappear' when viewing from the side of your truck bed.

Your cover would be custom painted to match the factory paint on your truck. The installation is quite simple and should only take you about an hour to install your cover. All you need is a couple of hand tools.

Your cover would open and close similar to a trunk or the rear hatch of a minivan.

When your cover is open, the cover is held open by two pneumatic (gas) props.

The weather is sealed out by a rubber (bulb) seal that attaches to the underside of your cover.

It's looks so thin, isn't it flimsy?

Looks are deceiving.

At the center of the LT Sport, it is about 2 1/2 inches thick. This thickness tapers out to 1/16" at the edges. It is constructed with 2 pieces of 5052 H32 high-strength aluminum and then the center is filled with high density foam for strength as well as structural integrity.

It is shaped similar to a really big and thin pillow. It is also similar to any OEM body panel, and was designed with the OEM process in mind. In fact, the Ford F-150 has an aluminum hood and our material is 50% thicker than Ford's.

We were very concerned with strength, so we got 7 guys, of an average weight of 200+ lbs. to stand on the tonneau. The tonneau was just fine after our test. We don't recommend standing on the tonneau cover because it may scratch the paint.

Is it waterproof?

It is weather tight.

No tonneau cover is waterproof. We use a rubber 'bulb' seal which is manufactured by Trim-Lok and the seal is weather tight.

You can get water into the bed of your truck if you use a high-pressure washer (or hose) and angle it to force the water directly up into the bottom of the lid.

However, it is possible to get water into any tonneau cover. We state that our tonneau cover is weather tight. If it is raining, it will not leak water into it if it is properly installed.

We've also tried to get water into it via a car wash. The tonneau has not leaked water in any car wash we've been through.

Hail Problems?

We took our truck out into some of the worst hailstorms we've had here in the upper Midwest.

No damage.

As we said above: The tonneau is 50% thicker than the hood on the Ford F-150, which is also made of aluminum.

It also survived a hail storm for a customer:

Tonneau cover survives a hail storm

It has been reported on the Internet that our tonneau cover has survived a hurricane...while the truck he had got "totaled":

Cover survives hurricane

Does it lock?

Yes. Our newest models latch/lock from underneath to secure your truck bed. Most newer trucks have a locking tailgate so if your cover is latched and the tailgate is locked, your belongings are secure. Some of the older Chevy models have an exterior lock. Feel free to call us to find out what kind of lock/latch we have available for your make and model.

Is it easy to install?


You should be able to install the cover in less than one hour using simple hand tools. You will need 2 people to handle it. We can install one in about 20-25 minutes. Your installation time will be a little longer if you've never installed one before.

Do I have to drill into my new pick-up?


The LT Sport Cover was designed to be a no-drill system.

Installation instructions are here for each model

Is it easy to remove the LT Sport/Lazer Lite Cover if I have to?


The LT Sport Cover was designed to be removed in less than a minute. It only requires a screwdriver to release the gas props, then tilt it up and remove it.

Does your custom painting match my truck?

All of our paint is matched to the OEM specifications (paint code) on the truck.

Because of variations in paint by the manufacturer, it is impossible to guarantee a perfect color match, however less than 1% of complaints are due to variations in paint color. We use the same paint codes as the manufacturers give us and paint match is almost never a problem.

Can I get my cover unpainted (bare aluminum)?

Yes, you can get your cover sent to you unpainted:

Unpainted Covers

How do I find my paint code for my truck?

The paint code for your truck is usually located on the driver's side door or the driver's side door jamb. GMC/Chevy, however, have their paint code on a label in the glove box.

Photos and examples of where to look for your paint code on your truck.

Why does it take 2 people to install or remove the LT Sport Cover if it's so light?

Although the heaviest LT Sport Cover weighs only 68 lbs, it is quite large. Damage due to dropping is not covered in the warranty.

I have a plastic bed liner in my truck bed, will your cover work with this?

Yes, but you will probably need to trim the front corners on the front of the truck bed. (The rear is almost never a problem.)

Please note that some plastic "drop-in" bed liners (both factory installed and aftermarket liners) require some slight trimming to get the front brackets to fit properly.

Call us if you have questions about bed liners because they vary from each manufacturer and we can help you over the phone.

How long does it take to get my tonneau cover once it is ordered?

On average, it takes about 12-15 business days to custom paint your cover and let it dry. Shipping takes about 4-5 business days (it ships commercial freight).

Speaking of warranties, what IS the LT Sport Cover warranty?

The LT Sport Cover has a limited lifetime warranty on the structure for as long as you own the truck it was originally installed on. All working/moving parts have a 1 year warranty. The paint warranty is a five year warranty against fading.

Naturally, damage due to dropping, abuse, and normal wear and tear and Acts of God are not covered.

How much does the tonneau cover cost? What is the price of these tonneau covers?

The price of every cover we make is listed at the bottom of the web page of the truck model you have. (The truck "makes and models" are listed on the left)

What is the 'Carpeted Headliner' I see in some photos?

A carpeted headliner is a polyester carpet bonded to the underside of the the tonneau cover. It is similar to the BedRug

This option is available on our tonneau covers.

This is a picture of one of our models with the carpeted headliner on the tonneau cover.

(click the photo to enlarge)

What is the 'Luggage Rack' option I see in some photos?

Sometimes folks mount a luggage rack to the top of the tonneau cover. Here is a picture of one mounted on a Ford Explorer Sport Trac. We do not offer this as an option, but you can purchase an aftermarket rack here:

Thule Tracker II and Yakima Control Tower Track Mounted Car top Roof Racks.

(click picture to enlarge)

LT Sport Tonneau Covers - The aluminum truck bed covers

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