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A Tonneau Cover Testimonial from a satisfied customer:

I wanted a tonneau cover that would accomplish the following things:

* A Tonneau cover that would keep the contents in my pickup dry and secure.
* Tonneau cover that wraps around all exposed sides.
* Tonneau cover that is strong enough to support snow loads.
* Tonneau cover that would provide a profile OEM look that could be painted
to match.
* Tonneau cover that would have a dome effect that would shed rain water.
* Tonneau cover that would not be affected by nature's elements.
* Tonneau cover that would light weight enough so my wife and I could
remove it quickly.
* Tonneau cover that would maintain its shape.
* Tonneau cover that could be mounted with a no drill system and not using
a frame that takes up box space.

The LT Sport Cover was the only one that met my demands.

The things I like the best about my Tonneau cover is it keeps the snow out
of my pickup box so when I put it in the garage ,which is above freezing, I
don't have a pool of water to sweep up in the morning. Also, the sleek OEM
look of my LT Tonneau cover is the best I've seen on the highways and is very

AJ Heemstra

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