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Tonneau cover survives hail storm:

In the summer of 2004 I bought my first LT Tonneau cover.

This is one tough cover; in 2006 my truck was pelted by hail bigger than golf balls.

Every body panel on my truck was damaged; the entire truck needed bodywork and paint with the exception of my tonneau cover. It had 2 dings that were slightly visible but not bad enough to warrant bodywork.

The LT tonneau cover weathered the storm better than any other panel on my Titan truck.

I had over 85,000 miles and 4 years of use on my truck. My wife and I have taken the cover off together hundreds of times. Takes less than a minute, all you do is lift up, she holds while I remove the brackets that hold the pistons, we both go to opposite sides of the truck, lift up a little higher and take off by moving towards the back of the truck.

Putting back on is just as easy and quick. In 4 years, I’ve never had a leak and I have never had to make an adjustment, the only problem I ever had was not keeping the top locked. In Oklahoma, we get some pretty good winds and if the truck is parked the wrong way, the top will lift up in a strong wind.

Last week I got a new Titan Truck, the first thing I did was order a new LT Tonneau cover. There are a lot of covers out there but in 4 years I haven’t seen one I’d rather have.

Paul S.

Tulsa OK

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