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Installation of Lazer Lite Tonneau Covers for a 2005-2011 Nissan Frontier (with Utili-track system):

Prior to installation, unpack and inspect all parts and the LT Sport Cover by Lazer Lite for obvious signs of damage.

Step 1:

A short, extra piece of bulb seal is included for installation on your front rail.
This seal is meant to fill the gap on the front rail of your truck bed.
Make sure the front rail is clean and dry. (Clean and dry is important if you want the seal to sit properly.)

Install this seal across the front rail as shown below. Try to keep the seal toward the rear of the front rail (the rear of the truck bed) as you install it. Yes, the bulb seal is about as wide as the front rail of your truck bed, but try to keep it as much toward the rear of the truck bed as possible. This is to allow easy installation of the cover itself. Cut the excess off with a razor blade.

Step 2 (optional):

You will find 8 'spring nuts' are provided. They are identical. Take 4 of them and cut them down a little bit. (As shown below.)

This is not necessary, but it will help you install them in the front rail of your Utilitrac (behind the cab).

(The front rail of the Utilitrack is shallower than the side ones and the spring tend to "bottom out"....which makes it tough to move them into position.)

Feel free to skip this step, if you want. You can always do it later if you find it difficult to insert the spring nuts into the front rail.

Step 3:

Install all 8 spring nuts as shown in the pictures below.

4 of them go on the outside ends of the front rail, and 2 each at the rear of each side rail.

Once inserted, they should be able to slide along the Utili-track rail fairly easily to line up with the brackets we will install in the next steps.

Step 4:

We will now install the 2 front "Female hinges". They are identical and are positioned at the left and right end of the front rail of the Utilitrack. A good starting point for positioning is to match up the edge of the bracket with the end of the rail. (Yellow arrows) Slide the spring nuts so the match up with the female hinge slots, then insert the 2 bolts with a washer on each of them. As you tighten them, make sure the female hinge is pushed down and is compressing the bulb seal. (Red arrows.)

Step 5:

The completed installation of the front female hinges should look something like the photo below.

Step 6:

Next we will install the rear "strikes". They are installed with the round little "ball stud" toward the front of the truck. You will want these positioned as far back on the side rail of the Utilitrack as possible (give or take 1/2" or so). Leave the bolts loose (red arrows) as we will tighten later.

Step 7:

We are now ready to install the tonneau cover itself. Using two people, lift the cover up and insert the "male hinges" into the slot of the female hinges. It is probably a good idea to measure between them, prior to lifting the cover, to make sure they are the correct distance apart and will fit. Both the male hinges and the female hinges can be adjusted wider or narrower depending on your need. Once you have made sure the distance is correct and all the bolts are tight, you can perform this step.

Step 8:

With the tailgate open, carefully shut the tonneau cover. Check the clearances and make sure the tonneau cover is centered. If it is not centered, loosen the appropriate set of bolts on the tonneau cover and re-center your tonneau cover if it is not centered on your truck bed.

Step 9:

Now you will adjust the rear "strikes" that latch your tonneau cover down.

Adjust the height of the rear "Strikes" so that the steel rods on the "latches" slide underneath them as shown here: (the red arrows point to the bolts that tighten the "strikes"...keep reading...)

Another view of a similar application:

The latch can be moved in or out by loosening the nuts (red arrows).
The strike can be moved up or down by loosening the nuts (blue arrows).

You can always adjust this later if it doesn't quite fit the first time....

When you have adjusted the strikes and the latches, tighten all the bolts.

Step 10:

Install the gas props by snapping them onto the ball studs. Here is a tip: Make sure the "barrel end" is attached to your tonneau cover itself. This allows the oil in the barrel to keep the shaft lubricated.

Step 11:

With the tailgate open (Important! You don't want to lock yourself out!), try opening and closing the cover and locking it and unlocking it. If everything works, go ahead and try it with the tailgate shut.

Please note: You will need to remove the gas props if you adjust the strikes. The are under compression. With the cover open, they are removed by simply sliding a flathead screwdriver behind the metal clip and prying upward a little bit. Don't pry to much, or the entire clip will snap off.


Step 12:

That's it! Try it out. We've built in a lot of ability to move things around and you can adjust almost everything. If you have any problems, feel free to give us a call.

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