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Installation of 2000-2006 Toyota Tundra Tonneau Covers:

Prior to installation, unpack and inspect all parts and the LT Sport Tonneau Cover for signs of obvious damage.

Step 1:
An extra piece of rubber gasket material is included with your tonneau cover. Carefully clean the front rail of your truck bed box and install the self adhesive strip across the entire width of the front rail as shown below. Cut the excess off with a razor blade or knife.

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Step 2:
Remove the front plastic stake pocket plugs with a screwdriver. This will access to the stake pocket. You will need to use a needle-nosed pliers or something similar to hold the gold-colored 'lobe-clamps' while performing step 3.

Step 3:
Line up Stainless Steel front "Female Hinges" with the front rail. Using steel bolts (supplied) and gold colored "Lobe Clamps", attach the female hinge to the bed of the truck. 

Using a 7/16" wrench, tighten the bolts (yellow arrows) while ensuring the female hinge is pushed all the way forward and down against the front rail (green arrows).

Step 4:
Using the same wrench, attach the rear "draw down Bracket".

Make sure the draw down bracket is pushed all the way to the rear (green arrow) and then tighten the bolts (yellow arrows). Make sure the bolts for the strike are left "loose", (blue-arrows) they will be tightened later.


Step 5:
Using 2 people, lift the LT Sport tonneau cover up and insert the "Male Hinges" into the slots of the females hinges.

Using another person to help you, insert the tonneau cover into the opening of the female hinges. If it doesn't quite fit, loosen the nuts on the 'male' hinges and spread them out to the appropriate width.

Don't forget to re-tighten them!

Step 6:
Attach the "Gas Props" by snapping them on to the ball studs.
Here's a hint: Always install them so that the 'barrels' are on the top. This allows the oil in the cylinder barrel to lubricate the shafts as they open and close.


Step 7:
With the tailgate open, carefully shut the tonneau cover. Check the clearances and make sure the tonneau cover is centered. If it is not centered, loosen the appropriate set of bolts on the tonneau cover and re-center.

Step 8:
Adjust the height of the rear "Strikes" so that the Stainless Steel rods draw the tonneau cover down.

You can always adjust this later if it doesn't quite fit the first time....

When you've the strikes, tighten all the bolts.

Step 9:

With the tailgate open, try opening and closing the tonneau cover. If the rods are not adjusted to the correct length, you may adjust them with an 1/8" Allen Wrench (not provided).

Step 10:
Try it out!
If things are quite how you'd like them, we've built in quite a bit a flexibility that should be self-explanatory... otherwise, if you have a problem you can't quite solve, feel free to call us and we can help you over the phone. 1-800-279-7492

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