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We are now offering our Lazer Lite/LT Sport aluminum tonneau covers unpainted.

So...(you might ask) does this work and what can I expect?

We hope to answer these questions read on!


1. Briefly tell me what I am buying

We will build your aluminum truck bed cover and send it to you unpainted and you can get it painted at your local body shop. By doing this, you will support your own local economy.

We hope this is a "win-win" idea for both you and us.

2. Is there any difference between this unpainted tonneau cover and the Lazer Lite cover or the LT Sport cover?

The only difference will be the exterior finish.
Your cover will be bare aluminum.

3. Can I put the unpainted cover on my truck? (Do I HAVE to paint it?)

Your cover will be fully functional and you certainly can do this. Please note that the unfinished aluminum will have some minor surface scratches due to the manufacturing process.

4. Why is this better than you folks painting it?'ll get your bed cover quite a bit faster.
You will be able to support your local economy.
You can use the cover unpainted in a pinch (time constraints) for a vacation or a trip and afterwards get it painted at your convenience.

5. How much faster will I get it?

It might be as much as 2 weeks faster. We (normally) need to paint it and let it dry. That often takes around 8-10 business days.

6. Why are you doing this (now)?

A couple of reasons.
First, we think it is good to support your local economy.
Second, we hope to get your cover to you faster.

7. How do I take advantage of this deal? Your shopping cart doesn't offer this option?

This is correct.
We are just 'trying this out'.
You will need to call us up directly to get this price.

If we see there is a sincere interest in this version (idea), this question above will disappear and we will build it into the online shopping cart. Right now, we are just trying out the idea.

Please feel free to either email us or phone us for more information. We are a small company, so your questions are important to us, and we hope to answer them.

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